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Academic Works - CUNY's institutional repository: Collection Development Policy

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BCC Library Collection Development Policy for Academic Works

Collection Development Policy for Bronx Community College collections in CUNY Academic Works

The Library at Bronx Community College (BCC) is committed to the principles of open access, as outlined in the IFLA (the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) Statement on Open Access to Scholarly Literature and Research Documentation and supports the current mission of BCC: to expand opportunities in higher education for the diverse Bronx community. For more information about open access support for scholarly works produced at CUNY, please visit Open Access @ CUNY.

Goals and Definitions

The Library strives to meet the research needs of all users, including community users, by actively seeking out and supporting barrier-free access to quality information.

Open access resources are free of charge and free, in varying degrees, of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Open access resources typically permit users to download, copy, print, display, distribute, search, index, and link to the information; open access resources remain the intellectual property of their creators, who have attribution rights as well as control over the integrity of their work.

For the purposes of this policy open access materials include:

  • Resources clearly designated as open access, provided via the Internet with unrestricted access to peer-reviewed scholarly research;

  • Resources clearly designated as open content, provided via the Internet with unrestricted access to information for which the creators have formally asserted a statement that the information is licensed under open content standards, such as a variety of Creative Commons licenses; and

  • Resources that are freely available via the Internet and that are otherwise known or assumed to be under copyright.


The overall objectives of BCC’s participation in CUNY Academic Works are:

  • provide access and a public path to existing course materials including Open Educational Resources (OER), faculty and student papers, presentations, data, scholarly research, creative works, publications, and archival collections.
  • create local and distributed digital collections that enable traditional and new opportunities for knowledge transmission and the creation of new knowledge.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.