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Welcome to your English Courses Research Resources Guide

English courses at The Bronx Community College are diverse! From writing and grammar to literature and theater.  The course syllabus offers the most relevant information about your classes. This page can serve as a guide to the most helpful and commonly used LIBRARY resources for your English courses, in particular for locating research databases that will allow you to find information for writing papers. Take your time around the guide and look at the many different resources the Bronx Community College Library and the school provides for your success.

Check this page often for updates!

Electronic Course Reserves for English Courses

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Most commonly used databases

Check the DATABASES tab above for additional databases.

To access the library databases off campus log in using your BCC Library Barcode Number located in the back of your BCC identification!



How do you fell about students using reference materials, such as scholarly encyclopedias, summative works and other reputable sources of background information as citations for research papers?
I do not agree- Students should concentrate in using academic journals and books.: 2 votes (10.53%)
I agree- Reference materials allow students to build content knowledge and expand their understanding of a topic. They are easier to read and master.: 9 votes (47.37%)
Reference materials should only be used for background information.: 2 votes (10.53%)
As long as students are using information from a reliable source and expanding their content knowledge, I am ok with ciations from reference sources.: 6 votes (31.58%)
Total Votes: 19

ONESEARCH- A source for locating books and articles.