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Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero Textbook-Cost (ZTC) Materials: Licensing OER

Learn about Open Educational Resources and Zero-Textbook Cost Degrees at BCC

Licensing OER Materials

Whether creating or adapting OER content or simply using it as is, it's important to understand how the content is licensed. Typically, OER materials are made available under Creative Commons licenses, legal tools which allow creators and other rights holders to offer certain usage rights to the public while reserving other rights. There is a range of different Creative Commons licenses with different provisions which govern how you may use others' content and how others may use what you have created. The resources on this page will help you understand the terms of the various Creative Commons licenses. Bronx Community College library recommends that BCC faculty who create OER give their materials a CC BY NC license, but leave the ultimate decision about licensing up to faculty authors. If you are interested in discussing your Creative Commons licensing options, please contact Nicole Williams.

Attribution under Creative Commons


  • Open Educational Resources (OER) Degree Initiative at Hostos Authored by: Elisabeth Tappeiner, Hostos Community College. Located at: CC BY Attribution.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Proper attribution is to Open Educational Resources (OER) Degree Initiative at Bronx Community College and Nicole Williams.