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Open Educational Resources (OER) at Bronx Community College: Open Pedagogy

Learn about Open Educational Resources and Zero-Textbook Cost Degrees at BCC

What is Open Pedagogy?

Open pedagogy is a form of experiential learning in which students demonstrate understanding through the act of creation. The products of open pedagogy are student created and frequently licensed as OER.

As creators of information, students in these courses gain a greater understanding of the rights and responsibilities associated with information ownership so they may make informed decisions about their own intellectual property.

Practitioners of open pedagogy embrace collaboration, student agency, and authentic audiences while recognizing the differences in privilege and progress that impact how students balance the benefits of sharing and a need for privacy. 

This open educational practice challenges traditional teaching roles and has the power to transform the educational experience for both teachers and students.

(adapted from Introduction to Open Pedagogy, University of Texas Arlington Libraries)